Our Mission

Industry-Leading Power Line Construction Techniques

Dedicated to the highest level of service.

Maslonka Powerline Services strives to provide industry-leading power line construction techniques to all facets of transmission projects.

Our dedication to timely project completion and continuous communication ensures that our clients are receiving the very best in customer service.

JRD, LLC dba: Maslonka Powerline Services began operations in 2004 with a focus on building and renting specialized transmission construction equipment for the growing transmission and distribution industry.

In 2010, JRD, LLC began transmission construction operations to assist in the effort to revitalize the national power grid and ensure federal compliance with renewable energy standards. Our management team combines well over 100 years of power line construction experience, ensuring successful, efficient and safe project completion in diverse work environments.

A Rich Company History

JRD, LLC is the successor to both Job Line Construction and Mustang Line Contractors. Job Line Construction ran operations from 1982 to 1996 and conducted a multitude of operations throughout the western United States. Mustang Line Contractors, whose operations ran from 1997 to 2005, was responsible for some of the western United States’ most complex power line construction projects. Due to the successful operations of Mustang Line Contractors, the Company was eventually purchased by Quanta Services, a publicly traded company.

Today, Maslonka Powerline Services utilizes the knowledge and experience forged by our rich history. Our management team has worked on projects for major utilities nationwide, and we have successfully performed all phases of transmission construction, including the construction of power lines up to 500kV.